Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summer Movies

I have seen a ton of movies lately. I find it so much more fun to go to an actual theater than to watch a DVD at home. At home I always get distracted or sleepy, and its so easy to hit the pause button that my investment flies out the window. That's why I've sold most of the DVDs in my collection this summer. But at the theater, you feel like its an event, and while some of the movies I've seen kinda blew (Disaster Movie chief among those), some were great.
Top prizes go to Tropic Thunder (so fulfillingly funny all the way through) and The Dark Knight (beautiful shot, darkly creepy, and brilliantly acted). I even saw the Dark Knight a second time (in IMAX). Being a fan of comedies, I also loved The House Bunny and Hamlet 2. I think Sex and the City was captivating and a tribute to the show (while X Files was almost torture, I was so fidgety and oculdn't wait to leave the theater - I was THAT bored!) The Happening and The Strangers both excited me with their premises and while both delivered great thrills and some moments of genius, btoh fell flat ultimately from being truly good movies. Mamma Mia was so beautiful to look at, and there were moments that were so fun. There were also painful moments (like pretty much anything involving Pierce Brosnnan making a pass at musicality) Thank god I was in the back row making out with my boyfriend during the bad parts - if I had left and missed Meryl Streep singing Winner Takes All I would've missed out on another truly brilliant performance moment from one of the best actresses of our time! Indiana Jones was kitschy but missed the mark; What Happens in Vegas was really funny, but kinda predictable; Forgetting Sarah Marshall was really enjoyable and even includes real live penis on film!! WALL - E was way better than I had expected and made the perfect date movie of the summer!! Burn After Reading got some of the biggest laughs out of me, but I think the movie will fall flat with a lot of people - I loved its left of centerness, but I think most people will leave confused and disappointed.

Now I'm looking forward to Julianne Moore in Blindness!!


Gary said...

wow, you have seen many more movies than I have this summer but I did see 4 on your list. I most want to see "House Bunny" because it seems so silly. It's probably a good rental.

What's this about making out at the movies?

Mikey T said...

There were literally 4 people in the theater when we went to see Mamma Mia - and the other two were also a gay couple - seated way up front. So my baby and I took advantage of the situation and cuddled up in the back row of the theater

I think we enjoyed the movie WAY more than the other couple!!