Monday, September 15, 2008

Kinda sad ... :(

So if you know me you know how much I love Tina Turner ...
So imagine my excitement when I found out that this morning TicketMaster was putting onsale VIP packages to Meet and Greet Tina before some of her shows!!!
I was up at 8am ready to max out my credit card to finally meet my idol!
Then I found out that
- These packages were selling for $1500 each
- They had to be bought in pairs (meaning it would cost $3000 and I know no one I know would pay $1500 to go with me)
- They are only offered at the Michigan, Florida and Toronto concerts

I was so disappointed!!! I guess I could have spent $3000 and flown to one of these places, but the rational adult part of me just had to say no. No to meeting Tina after all of these years :(

Adding to this frustration is that I have learned that she is holding rehearsals for her tour not just in California, not just in Los Angeles, but somewhere in Studio City - my town - at an undisclosed location. She is within miles of me all week long and I have no idea where :(

The only bright spot of this situation is that the bartender at my local bar knows the owner of the Staples Center here in LA and has a backstage pass to see Tina there, and is now trying to work on getting me one too. So there's still hope ...

In the meantime, I am still very excited and blessed to be able to see her
Oct. 1st in Kansas City (opening night of the tour)
Oct. 13th and 16th in Los Angeles
Oct. 14th in Anaheim
Oct. 22nd in Sacramento
Nov. 26th in Newark
Dec. 1st in New York City
and Dec. 3rd on Long Island
(plus I'm trying to work out a whirlwind tour to Amsterdam, Paris and London in the spring!)

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