Saturday, October 18, 2008

Show #4 - Los Angeles - FRONT ROW!...FINALLY!!

Best concert of my life - what an amazing experience.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Show #3 - Anaheim - The full groupie experience

Last night was my 3rd concert of the many I will see during Tina's tour. I went by myself, and although I'd always prefer to share the experience with someone I love, going alone brought about some experiences that reminded me of "the good old days" when I followed Tina's last tour in 2000.

First off, being alone means you can upgrade your seat much much easier because they only have to come up with one good seat as opposed to finding two together. Plus you don't have to convince anyone to shell out the extra cash at the last minute. So I was able to jump 13 rows closer to the stage than I originally was ticketed for.

During the show is when I realy wish had someone with me, because its o fun to dance and sing along with someone who's not a stranger. But I improvised, instantly naming the two ladies o my right "Thelma" and "Louise" and partying with them. Being alone also allowed me to pay more attention to the minutae of the show that I haven't noticed being that Ive been so caught up in the spectacle. I got to really see some of the choreography and how the set works, etc.

Then after the show, I got my picture taken with Philip, the hottest of Tina's male dancers (don't you hate when you take a piture with a hottie and they come out looking flawless and yet somehow its a very unflattering picture of yourself?)

Then exiting the arena, my friend Donovan and I met up with Tina Turner's sister Aillene and escorted her up the stairs (quite an ordeal, especially in comparison to her little sister who could have run up the stairs without losing a breath!) But it was cool to be with her and imagine that she grew up with the little girl in Tennessee who has become my idol!

After we left I swung by the tour busses and got to see Clare an Solange, the two dancers I knew from the last tour. They introduced me to the new girl dancers Djeneba and Furly and we chatted for awhile which was really nice.

Then as I was driving away, perfectly contented I entered the freeway and found myself right behind the tour buses carrying the dancers and the band. We ended up driving almost all the way back to LA in tandem, and for just a moment I felt once again like I was "ON THE ROAD WITH TINA TURNER"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tina Turner: Live in Kansas City - Show #1

Ok, so I'm back from the best Tina Turner show I've ever seen in my life!! (and that's saying something after having seen her 16 times before!)
Her opening night in Kansas City was a blast!! Sitting in the sixth row I got such an amazing view as the non-stop spectacle unfolded. She put on a show more comparable to Cher or Madonna where it was more than just a performance, yet unlike those two her performance didn't suffer or fade to the background of the spectacle. It was merely enhanced. She tore through almost every classic hit she's ever had and has barely shown any signs of slow down since her last tour in 2000. I won't give away too many secrets since I expect anyone who reads this to go see her and experience it in person, and I don't wanna ruin the surprises! But here are a few pics from the show: